lunes, 18 de diciembre de 2006

Scary Trailer

GrudgeDo you like horror films? I hope so, because they are not only very exciting, but very entertaining as well. Now you are going to see the trailer of a very scary film - Do you have a grudge? Get ready for the unknown. Get ready to see strange creatures and to hear weird noises and terrible screams. Don't call your daddy or your mummy, because they are too busy. You are brave enough to overcome all this fear.

Watch, listen and answer the questions

First of all, you are going to watch the trailer here.

Before answering the questions, read these hints:
  1. Pay attention to the people and the situations, and listen to the words carefully.
  2. Watch the trailer several times and write down some notes about what you see.
  3. Write down some of the words or sentences that you can hear.
  4. When you think that you are ready, answer the following questions.
  5. You can write them in the editor below or on your notebook or you can use a word processor :
1. What's going on?
2. Who is in hospital?
3. What happened two years ago?
4. Why is the girl weeping?
5. Where is this little boy and what is he doing there?

Write the answers here. You can send the text by email or you can print it.

More writing activities

When you have answered the questions, practise your writing with these activities. You can write them on a comment bellow.
  • Write a comment with a short text telling the story.
  • What will happen in the end? Use your imagination and finish the story.
  • Describe some of the strange people in the film.
  • Write your opinion about this film or about horror films in general.
  • Look up the difficult words in The Word Reference English Dictionary.
(I thank José Mª Campo for providing me with the link to the full screen window)

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