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Sintel in Search of a Dragon

Sintel and the baby dragonWould you like to watch a beautiful but sad story? Here is Sintel, a short video which will make you feel and think deeply. You will feel the sorrow of a girl who is looking for a baby dragon that she has lost. In her search, Sintel finds difficulties and has to fight to get what she wants. The end is not as she expected, but she finally gets a reward for her quest. Likewise, young people are always in search of something and they have to fight. This film shows that you may get a reward if you make efforts to achieve a goal.

1. The video

Sintel has been created by the Blender Foundation on an Open Movie Project. First of all, enjoy the video while you watch it in full screen without subtitles. It is a wonderfully animated film with a song in the end. Pay attention to Sintel's feelings throughout the story. Then you can choose English or Spanish subtitles if you need them.

2. Sintel's feelings and emotions

1. Sintel is a very sensitive person; like you, perhaps? I think that the most important feature in this video is the great variety of Sintel's feelings and emotions. Do you agree? Can you identify them in these pictures? Fill the gaps with the number which corresponds to each of the feelings (in the form of adjectives) which Sintel shows in the pictures above.
Example: happy. Key to check your answers: rightwrong
broody exhausted scared
furious  surprised worried
sorry terrified desolate
2. Now do this test to match Sintel's feelings with the causes which provoked them. The pictures above will help you. Click on a number and then on a letter.

3. What feelings did you have when you saw some scenes in the story? For example:
I was very sad when Scales died, but I was very happy when Scales' baby dragon went with Sintel in the end.

3. Sintel's thoughts

Now you have to guess what Sintel is thinking on those situations when she is feeling something special. Match her feelings with her thoughts. If you find it difficult, ask your teacher for help. What other thoughts can you add?

4. The story

Sintel finds the baby dragon

The story is quite simple, but it is very effective as well. Here is the story in chronological order, that is, presenting the story according to the time in which the actions happened. It is told using the present tense, and you have to change the twenty verbs in Present Simple into the Past Simple tense. But be careful, because there are regular and irregular verbs. After you type each answer, press ENTER or click anywhere on the document. Key to check your answers: rightwrong

5. Write about Sintel and the dragon

Write a comment
I hope you liked this moving story. You may want to write a comment here to show what you feel about Sintel's story. Yes, I know, it is very sad. So, perhaps you can change it and write a new story in the editor below and email it to your teacher or to yourself, or you can also print it.

6. Sintel's song: 'I Move On'

Finally, listen to Sintel's song again and read the lyrics below.

Come Take My Journey
Into Night
Come Be My Shadow
Walk At My Side
And When You See
All That I Have Seen
Can You Tell Me
Love From Pride?
I Have Been Waiting
All This Time
For One To Wake Me
One To Call Mine
So When You're Near
All That You Hold Dear
Do You Fear What You Will Find?
As The Dawn
Breaks Through The Night
I Move On
Forever Longing For The Home
I Found In Your Eyes
I Will Be Listening
For The Drum
To Call Me Over
Far Away From
My Tender Youth
And The Very Truth
Showing Me What I've Become
As The Dawn
Breaks Through The Night
I Move On
Forever Longing For The Home
I Found In Your Eyes
Your Voice
Saw Me Through The Night

If Sintel's story is worthwhile watching, tell your friends to come and enjoy the video and the activities.

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